Is Lady Blackbird working on the next 007 Theme?

Lady Blackbird is one of my favorite artists of the twenty-first century, as well as one of my most favorite people to work with. She is a force to be assimilated by - with no contention. Recently, on an Instagram post by the @bbc6music, a simple question was asked. "Who would you choose to write the next James Bond Theme?" In my humble opinion, LB rides the same Mothership as Shirley Basey, Grace Jones, Gladys Night & Tina Turner with plenty of airspace to jettison.
In other words, right now I can think of no one better fit than LB. Of course, there are plenty of artists out there I would also love to hear - give it a go. With Sting, Depeche Mode, Gregory Porter, Massive Attack, Björk, Qwabs, Aphex Twin, San ILya to name a few, I do appreciate many others that have not yet gotten to it; along with Artists that have done an amazing job like Chris Cornell performing "You Know My Name" for Casino Royale, Wings & Paul Mcartney performing "Live & Let Die", Adele performing "Skyfall", and let's not forget the impossibly-incredible performance on Radiohead's "Spectre" that got turned down - which seem to be an extremely hard choice to make with Sam Smith's "Spectre."


It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that the franchise is very retentive in choosing how, who or what the 007 theme turns. The choices are evidently personal, intimate and grammatical to the liking of each story, character and mood - with what they expect from each theme. The melody chosen from the theme - serving as the main movement throughout the scoring of the entire film. Hearing the theme song in fast, slow, sad, excited, dramatic & dangerous versions; It all just sounds like a labor of love for Lady Blackbird to me.

I cannot disclose all the steps necessary in creating a great song for the task; yet in LB's case I don't have to. With her new album "Black Acid Soul", she effortlessly proves her ability. For this entire album is as first-class as any 5-star Presidential suite that any Bond-Villain could be found in. Chris Seefried Killed it! His team-work on the Black Acid Soul project is interstellar!


Black Acid Soul (on Spotify)


I'm also aware the franchise has their own in-house mixing & mastering team, which take your song apart and mix it to their liking - which also means that if the song is not a great song before they touch it, you could lose massive points not sending it to them in the highest quality possible. They'll have to add, mix or fix what you couldn't hear the first time, not knowing the method of their mastery. I remember a quote from Godfather 3, when Don Licio Lucchesi tells Vincent Mancini "Finance is a gun... but Politics is knowing when to pull the trigger." So it is with scoring.

With any 007 theme and so many great artists to choose from, I am proud & grateful to know there's somebody I love who's overqualified for the job. Her pain, sacrifices, heartbreak-surgeries and emotional dynamics force our planet to recognize singing as more then just a talent; but a triumph of the divine. Now that the BBC has been alerted to her presence by way of Foundation Music & Ross Allen, I believe the United Kingdom has already taken notice. Well, I'm finishing in the studio - so let's just see what happens. 


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