The 5088 (Foremost Favorite)

The real power of the Rupert Neve 5088 mixing console lies hidden within these transformer-coupled inputs and outputs and discrete, single-sided circuit topologies that produce 10dB greater dynamic range than any of my previous designs. The dynamic range is actually extended downwards to encompass the extremely small, often out-of-band signals – usually ignored – that go to complete our listening perspective, making sounds warmer, sweeter and fuller, apparently affecting the low and mid frequencies.

The significance of this enormous dynamic range and the frequency response that extends comfortably beyond 100kHz lies in the ability of the 5088 to source, retain and mix the microscopically tiny signals that are essential to retention and enhancement of the full soundscape.

"The first time I actually heard music played through a 5088, I just…relaxed. A wave of satisfaction swept over me – I didn't have to measure, I just listened and thought, ‘Boy, I think we've actually achieved it.’ There is something about the 5088 which I have not been able to get from any other piece of equipment.”


Made to order, designed to adapt.

In an era of ubiquitous DAWs, plugins and digital consoles, many engineers report that this “state of the art” equipment – which touts impressive-looking specifications and “enhanced” workflow – has removed the rich, expressive quality found in their older recordings, and often requires significantly more time & effort to make a mix gel. Additionally, it is always disappointing when an expensive digital tool becomes obsolete far too quickly. The 5088 is philosophically opposed to this one-size-fits-all approach.

Each console is built to spec for each engineer, and can evolve as the needs in the studio shift with new technologies. Aside from its audible prowess and reliability, much of the 5088’s staying power is due to this adaptability. Because the 5088 is completely modular, channel strips and processing modules like EQ, microphone preamplification and dynamics can be added or removed to meet changing demands, eliminating the massive redundancies inherent in nearly every other console.

The 5088 can easily be configured with everything you need –
and nothing you don’t.