ROSE custom

Lollipop Earphone

This is "Carlton Rosebure's" own custom Studio Pro design. Experimenting with so many types of phones for over 30 yrs, Carlton is well established in his contribution to this NYC trend.

Trusted With Detailed Sound


This Headpiece is a detachable XLR to 1/4" Over-Ear Lollipop Earphone designed for Studio & DJ Monitoring, Mixing, Sound Isolation with a Top Protein Leather Earcup, and 50mm Wired Driver Unit.


This Pro design headpiece features a non-reversible Housing and a rugged headband for single-side monitoring. The ear cup lays flat and fits neatly in your bag or laptop case. 


Our solution for an adapter-free life; there is an XLR plug on the top of the audio handle, and a 1/4" headphone plug at the end of the cable; just simply plug in, and no more trouble finding an adapter.

The ROSE earphone
is a perfect fit.


Rose Custom Quality


Soft, breathable ear pads for long time use and better to isolate noise.


Immerse yourself in highly accurate mid-to-high tones.


Headphone are originally designed from foldable 180˚ flip, 90˚rotation.


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