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Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band (Remastered)

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Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band (Remastered)

Regular price$17.99 Sale price$21.99


For some of us, 1975 wasn't that long ago. For me, I wasn't in the crib, but I was in front of the TV watching Schoolhouse Rock. In this time period, songs were filled with great writing skills everywhere. Every subject was a lesson, every song was a story, and every drum had a message. 

With August Darnell, Corey Daye, Stony Browder, Coati Mundi, Mickey Sevilla, Don Bonilla & Charles Calello - these guys made the smallest clock radio in the house sound like the biggest boombox in the house. Songs like these are the source of why I started making music in the first place. Songs like these push poetry out of the realm of boredom for the common man; and a circus solei for anyone with a lesson to teach. That's why I Remastered this album over again. 

It was recorded at "The House of Music Studios" in West Orange, New Jersey, but Mastered at RCA Records for a soft "Lawrence Welk" audience; and not for the Booming Disco Techs of the time. 

It always deserved that legendary "RICHARD LONG TREATMENT," and now it's DONE! I am eternally grateful for them displaying their awesome storytelling abilities - not to mention reminding us that Jazz & Be-bop never dies. 

'Leroy Burgess' is right. "In an era of formulaic, run-of-the-mill, repetitive Disco, it was an absolute breath of Fresh Air; and it still is." From the 'Vocals' to the 'Artwork,' if great music is gonna be pushed to the forefront again, Albums like this prove you don't have to reinvent the wheel.


1. I'll Play The Fool
(Foremost Remaster) [5:04] 

2. Hard Times
(Foremost Remaster) [4:16] 

3. Cherchez Le Femme/Se ci Bon
(Foremost Remaster) [6:14] 

4. Sunshower
(Foremost Remaster) [4:08] 

5. You've Got Something/Betcha' The Love Bug Bitcha
(Foremost Remaster) [5:44] 

6. We Got It Made_Night And Day
(Foremost Remaster) [3:48] 

7. Sour & Sweet/Lemon In The Honey
(Foremost Remaster) [6:36] 


Band Members 

Percussion - Don Armando Bonilla
Arranger, Composer, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals - Stony Browder Jr.
Arranger - Charles Calello
Bass, Composer, Vocals - August Darnell
Vocals - Cory Daye
Percussion - Andy "Coatimundi" Hernandez
Producer - Sandy Linger
Composer - Cole Porter
Drums - Mickey Sevilla


Recorded at House of Music Studios, 
West Orange, NJ ©1976 RCA Records®. 
Remastered by the Foremost Poets, 
Nocturnal Studios, Newark New Jersey 2020. 

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